The whole of history since the ascension of Jesus into heaven is concerned with one work only: the building and perfecting of this “City of God.

Augustine of Hippo (City of God)

The Augustinian Climate Smart Village Project (CSVP)

Within the 2020-2024 working term, SNAF envisions to achieve the following goals: 1) established self-sustaining communities; 2) restored and protected ecosystems and their resources; 3) enhanced opportunities for the holistic development of children and families. All these are aimed to be implemented in the Augustinian-organized communities both in the urban and rural areas of responsibility. These goals are reflective of the pillars of the justice and peace program of the Augustinian Province of Santo Nino de Cebu-Philippines, namely: human rights promotion, poverty alleviation, environmental protection and development of children and families.

As for the rural setting, SNAF launched The Augustinian Climate Smart Village Project (CSVP).

In order to keep the Augustinian CSVP moving forward, SNAF adapts the community-based integrated area development (CBIAD) approach. Essentially, CBIAD takes into account the central role of the natural resources and the community itself in an integrated area development. Managing well the natural resources (both the terrestrial and marine) has to start with the people themselves. Moreover, climate change has been noted as barrier towards the well-being of a community as it impacts natural resources in various ways. Such impact eventually is made evident in the experience of poverty and food insecurity in places where farming and fishing are the main sources of living. Reducing the effects of climate change and restoring the ecosystems can never be had in the absence of an integrated community development. Adapting to changes brought about by the worsening climate condition is a challenge that communities are facing nowadays. This is the reason why SNAF sees the value of working very closely with the local community as partners towards achieving integrally the above-mentioned goals.

Through the Augustinian CSVP, SNAF adheres also to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).